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Bolster Beds

A dog’s bolster bed is one that has an expanded lip or border either on one side or completely surrounding the bed to support your pets head while they are sleeping or laying down resting. The bolster is a distinct part of the bed and is not a part of the bottom cushions or the base of the bed. It is usually filled with polyester or a fleece. It is strong enough to support the weight of your pet without breaking down or losing its shape. The benefit of the bolster is that your pet has a place to put their head while laying down or sleeping. The bolster bed can be adapted to be used with many of the pet carriers and crates.

Keep your lovable pets comfortable and happy with one of our bolster dog beds. Pet Accessories Dogs Bolster Beds have a thick, inner cushion that supports their tired muscles and sore joints. These nesting shaped dog beds provide the support that larger dogs want. Cuddly and cozy nesting dog beds cradle your dog in both comfort and security. It's easy to see why so many dogs of all sizes love to lay in their bolster beds. Pet Accessories Dogs Bolster Beds are perfect for bigger dogs but they are also wonderful for all size dogs.